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Kyle J Allison

Managing Partner, Podcast Host

,As a founding member of HospitalityMD, Kyle develops and leads the company’s operations through innovative initiatives. As a self-proclaimed “relationalist,” Kyle drives long-term results by establishing and maintaining relationships with thoughtful industry leaders. He recognizes the power of storytelling, listening to the stories of his guests and colleagues to create a personalized environment for his team to thrive.

Kyle’s hospitality story began when he was just six years old and transformed his home into a “hotel.” Even as a child he understood the power of good service, and offered housekeeping and in-room dining options for his parents to enjoy. Since then, he’s taken that can-do spirit and turned it into a career spanning nine hotels in four states, working in hotels ranging from 209 to 1,190 rooms.

The idea that “Hospitality is Everyone’s Business” doesn’t stop at the revolving door. Kyle hosts the HospitalityMD podcast, where he interviews hospitable people from all over the world working all sorts of jobs. He is leading the revolution in hotel management, building a community of like minded people who believe the need for good hospitality is universal.

Gregorio Fregoso Jr.

Managing Partner

Greg is a founding member of HospitalityMD, and his role with the company is versatile. His wheelhouse includes consultation, training, task force ideation, and business and content strategy.

A true team architect, Greg has a long track record of building high-performing hospitality families. His experience as a team leader in both successful and struggling properties has led him to believe that a happy hospitality team makes for a happy guest experience.

Greg’s 13-year career includes management roles in full-time and task force capacities at six hotels ranging from 209 to 860 rooms in two states. Most recently he led the Rooms Division in a renowned Downtown Chicago boutique hotel, located at the busiest intersection in the city.

As a key voice in HospitalityMD’s mission, Greg is eager to revitalize the hotel industry with his team-building ingenuity.

Tom Groebe

Creative Director

As both a filmmaker and hospitality professional, Tom Groebe has proved to be an integral component to the Company, entering on the ground floor to lead the creative and content strategies.

Tom is a recent graduate of one of the most prestigious film schools in the Country, Columbia College Chicago. During his time at the College, Tom has worked on 50+ professional productions including commercial and independent film shoots.

Additionally, Tom is a member of the pre-opening team for the Nation’s first and Chicago’s only triple-branded hotel, connected to the largest convention center in the Western Hemisphere. He has excelled in his Guest Services role, securing a record number of positive name mentions in guest reviews while also being nominated as the Guest Services Employee of the Year by the Illinois Hotel and Lodging Association.

Tom looks forward to leveraging his experience in both hospitality and filmmaking to perpetuate the HospitalityMD brand.

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Why We Are Here

HospitalityMD is the hotel management solution for the modern hotel industry.

With nearly a combined two decades of experience in the hotel industry working for brands and traditional management companies, HospitalityMD’s founders have concluded, ironically, that hotels tend to be some of the most inhospitable places.

We deploy genuine and authentic care and hospitality because we’ve spent our careers on the other side working for “the other guys.”

Accountants and controllers think they’re running the hotel’s operations, but in reality are running away from the foundation of good hospitality.

They work “on” the business of Hospitality, while we work “in” the business of Hospitality.

As the centerpieces of cities and towns, hotels are tasked with the tremendous honor and responsibility of writing the narrative that guides the community. HospitalityMD places a premium value on the stories of a hotel’s guests and team members, leveraging this diversity of thought and experience to create a people-first atmosphere where people trust one another.

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